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Our software is designed for Police and Sheriff Departments, Hospital and Medical Center Security, University and Campus Police, Airport Security, Casino Security, Port Security and all other types of law enforcement.

Our web based software suite is called the Avenger Record Management System, and it includes these systems and features:

-Master name index.
-Add special notes to person records.
-The master name form will display every item associated with the selected person on a single form.
-The system will automatically search for an already existing record when a new person is added.
-The system will automatically conduct wildcard searches based on the first characters of a search   word.
-You can associate scanned images, documents and electronic files with a person.
-Create gang associations.
-Create relationships between person records.
-Modus operandi (M.O.) association.
-Master vehicle index.
-Customizable dictionaries.
-Includes a DOJ U.C.R. report packet.
-Includes the DOJ M.A.C.R. report in an electronic file format.
-Includes many other detailed reports.

Electronic Report Writer:
-Create reports electronically in house or out in the field.
-Our system has spell check to prevent narrative spelling errors.
-Three tier report quality approval process: Officer, Supervisor, Records.
-Report is locked down after final approval from Records.
-The system will create a permanent hard copy for every report in Microsoft Word.
-The system will automatically generate a confidential name report.
-Reports can be set for restricted access.
-You can create associations between incidents.
-You can associate scanned images, documents and electronic files with an incident.
-Modus operandi (M.O.) association.
-Track F.I.'s.
-Includes detailed reports.

Mug System:
-Book suspects.
-Create line-ups.
-Create crime bulletins.
-Track registered offenders.
-Create and print photo line-ups.
-Includes detailed reports.

Case Imaging, Workflow, and Management System:
-Case creation and routing.
-An electronic report or a scanned document will automatically create and route a case.
-Automatic routing is determined by the route you associate with a case title in the route dictionary.
-One Records Clerk can scan in up to six-hundred pages in an eight hour shift.
-Newly received follow-ups will notify Investigators on closed cases.
-Scanned reports, images, and notes can be uploaded into the case folder.
-Any electronic file can be uploaded into the case folder like: audio, video, Microsoft Word, and etc.
-Includes detailed reports. See how many cases are being worked, suspended, or closed by each Investigator.

Property Room Management:
-Book property in house or out in the field.
-Track lost and stolen property.
-Track item status. Example: checked out, viewed, destroyed, and etc.
-Keep track of property storage location history.
-Detailed monthly reports showing the status of items in property room custody.
-Includes many other detailed reports.

Human Resource System:
-Unlike other HR systems, this system is police oriented.
-Add employee photos.
-Emergency contact information and blood type.
-Track unit, division, shift and payroll information.
-Keep track of unit/squad assignment history.
-Keep track of job classification history.
-Detail roster report.
-Call-up report.
-Includes many other detailed reports.

Grant Tracking System:
-Create projects for each new grant.
-Associate objectives and requirements with your grant project.
-Track important dates.
-Track grant sponsored personnel positions.
-Track material purchases and the requesting unit or squad.
-Keep track of estimated cost and the actual cost of purchased items.
-You can mark a grant as extended and track the items ordered on the extension.
-Our grant detail report summarizes current costs for a grant.
-Includes many other detailed reports.

Other Features:
-Easy to use and user friendly.
-Over three thousand check points to prevent invalid data entry.
-Most areas display help tips when your mouse hovers over.
-This is a completely web based system that can be accessible through an intranet or the internet.
-No more timely software installs or upgrades at the client level.
-Accessible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and above.
-Bullet proof security with anti-hacking measures implemented.
-Computer I.P. address checking and recording.
-A detailed journaling system of user activity.
-Everything is keyboard driven for speed.
-Hot keys are listed at the top of every page.
-System designer employed by law enforcement, and has intimate knowledge of police procedures.
-Most of our reports allow for some type of filter selection before you actually run the report.
-We are open to suggestions. If you want a report or some other feature added in just ask us. We will add in your requested feature without a customization fee if a majority of our customers will benefit from it.
-Affordable price.

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Affordable Law Enforcement Software: Police RMS with Electronic Report Writing, Case Investigation, Grants and Property Management, Booking System, HR and More!







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